Home Staging

Home staging “Hi Andrea, wow what a job you did at the house, truly amazing, not your typical ‘staged’ home with tables set and fruit in bowls lol. You sure have an eye for things and very talented both in staging and painting. Thank you so much for all your hard work in getting the … Read more

Portugal Vacation Home

Portugal vacation home A middle-aged couple purchased a 20 year old vacation property in the historic seaside town of Tavira, located in the eastern Algarve region of Portugal. The 3-bedroom, stucco townhouse featured large airy rooms, ceramic floors and finishes common to time and place of construction. Top of the owner’s list was help with furnishing the … Read more

Small Condo Makeover

small condo Budget makeover Located in a 20 year old downtown condo building, the young owner wanted to update the look and feel of this one bedroom unit, but only had a very limited budget. Priority was given to bringing in new furniture and area rug for the living room. Twin built-in bookcases flanking the sofa in the living room … Read more

Historic Factory Condo

Historic-Factory Condo

historic factory condo When the owner began plans to occupy the previously rented 2 bedroom – 2 bathroom condo unit, she knew an interior design overhaul was needed. This north-facing condo felt cold and bleak. Despite 13-foot ceilings, the dark coloured walls and black roll-up blinds, combined with inadequate interior lighting, made an already very … Read more

Country Home

country home The owners wished to re-do their living room décor to bring it more up to date. The room previously featured overstuffed traditional furniture, a Persian carpet in a deep burgundy and royal blue against a backdrop of faux distressed walls in ochre with pale blue trim (circa 1990’s). They envisioned a fresh, more … Read more